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Know, RESPECT, Trust...

You will not be liked by everyone.

You'll rarely hear someone say "I can't stand Dolly Parton", a woman with the rare talent of being liked by everyone but let's be real, it's rare to find a person who can harness a power like that.

Realtors who focus on being likable make me nervous. Why? Because I know that they're more concerned with whether I like them than whether the deal is done correctly. Also because they might not be able to handle the transaction if it gets dicey or if the opposing party throws a curveball.

Therefore, I'd rather my realtor be strong than nice. Notice I said strong. This doesn't mean be a jerk. There's a fine line between strong and arrogant and I don't recommend being the latter.

Most of your potential customers are sensitive to Realtors who are being nice. They don't like to be sold to by a nice person with a big smile. Buyers and Sellers would rather you exude something else...leadership Have you ever been in the presence of a leader? One you felt compelled to follow? Odds are that leader doesn't care whether you like them; they care more about whether you get results. Does a football coach look nice and likable? No, they look like they want to win. They're leader and leaders care more about whether you get to the finish line (the closing table) than being liked. People want a leader when they're buying and selling a home.

Here's a mantra that runs through my mind often...

I'd rather be kind than nice.

I'd rather be respected than liked.


-Nice is usually how people act when they want something in return. Kindness comes from the heart. It's who someone is at their core. It's authentic.

-Trying to get everyone to like you is more about you and not them. This is not the way to serve others.

-You can't get everyone to like you but you can motivate people to respect you...all you have to do is learn how to do it.

So if you're wondering WHY leadership is important, WHAT leadership looks like and HOW to be a leader? You must learn the mindset of a leader. Yes, it can be learned and it's one of many skills I teach in Broker Flow.

Check out the details HERE and contact me when you're ready to lead.

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