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Step Up Or Walk Out

There's a vicious circle and most agents are trapped inside it BUT... there's a way out!

A common problem in the real estate industry is the over-saturation of agents who should have never entered into it. Yep, I'm about to lay down some realness so if your skin is thin, proceed with caution. You know the agent I'm talking about. They were seduced by the flexible schedule and the illusion HGTV sold them on the lifestyle of showing homes everyday. They have an idea of what this business is and if this agent is you, it’s time for you to step up or walk out. That's right...quit. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend another cent on open house signs or mailers and put this business behind you. Why? Because this industry is packed with mediocre, un-trained Realtors who botch deals and make the rest of us look bad.

Odds are this is triggering you. You're either…

-Upset because you know I’m right and you should quit but you don’t like being told what to do from someone who doesn’t know you.


-Not upset at all because you’re a success at real estate and statements like the one above are actually funny because you’ve been in this business long enough to know it requires talent + training in order to succeed. You’re probably thinking “This is refreshing to read because I’m tired of doing deals with agents who lack training or have any real estate skills at all." Why do you think 80% of agents drop out in their first two years?

I’ll tell you why. They think this business is a job...


It's a career! Like any career. You are a business owner. You aren't clocking in for someone else, you're clocking in for YOU! Thinking otherwise is insulting to the Realtors who hustle, the 20% that worked their tail off for measly commissions in their rookie years and STILL want to be in this industry. Real estate is a full time career. Part time agents don’t last and the full time ones who don’t invest in their business are relying on old methods to market themselves and negotiate deals. Regardless where you land in the Realtor spectrum, you're going to lose business to the big bad monster that's getting bigger everyday. What's the big bad monster???

Discount and flat-fee agents!