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YOUR Story

When people hear my story, they want to hear “the best parts”. They want to hear about when I sold luxury homes in NYC and the Bahamas. They want to hear about me signing my last contract on a yacht. They want to hear about the CEO’s and the private jets.

They rarely ask for MY favorite part of the story.

They don’t ask about 2009 when I was in my basement studio apartment in Queens on the verge of eviction because the real estate market tanked.

They don’t ask about the moment a rat ran across my living room floor and I knew I had to either step up or move out. So yes, my success in real estate was pretty amazing…so amazing I wrote a book about it. But that minute where I grew up really fast, in the blink of an eye, that’s the real story.

Realtors ask me "HOW did you do it? How did you go from making so little to tripling your income and eventually selling luxury homes in the Bahamas during the worst market in real estate history?" I tell them there is system that makes it possible. One that the Real Estate "coaches" don't know about.

When I tell them this, the agents who want success, hire me to show them this system. They want to work smarter instead of harder and they get results.

The agents who say "I'll think about it." Those are the agents who just don't get it. They're ok with working harder. But here's the truth about working harder, it doesn’t work. Harder doesn’t close a $30M year. Harder doesn’t get you on the yacht. Harder doesn’t lead to a successful business…harder is just hard!!!!

Choose to work smarter and click HERE for a FREE strategy call with me. We'll talk about your current obstacles and what your options are to shift your business and prepare you to write YOUR story.

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