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Affirmations Work But You're Probably Doing Them All Wrong

I'm a staunch believer that if you do something you love, the money will follow. That being the case, if you want money, an effective affirmation requires focusing on what makes you happy...NOT the money.

When agents tell me they have been writing affirmations focused on making a specific yearly income and years later it still hasn't paid, it's usually because their affirmations are focused on the end result and not the action that gets them there.

Like I said, money follows happy, not the other way around.

Where affirmations have more of an impact is in knowing your struggle and affirming the opposite in order to train your brain to think otherwise. So whether you're focusing on a specific income or one day marrying the man/woman of your dreams; focus your affirmation on enjoying the action that obtains the goal, not the outcome.

Here are some examples of your typical affirmation...

"I enjoy making $300K a year"

"I will marry a man/woman who loves and adores me"

"I am happy being twenty pounds lighter"

Flip the switch and make these affirmations action-based...

"I love engaging with my sphere of buyers and sellers"

"I enjoy a social lifestyle that involves meeting single people"

"I enjoy lifting weights and running because it makes me stronger."

Affirmations are similar to mind-hacks or brain training. They can instill a behavior or discipline. It's a choice to live in a new state of being.

For instance, if a person offered a cigarette to a former smoker, the response might be"No thanks. I don't smoke". This is their state of being...a non-smoker. At its essence, speaking those words is an affirmation.

How does this apply to you?

A common struggle many agents face is distraction. I struggle with it as well. We live in a distracting world. Take for instance, you're evaluating a contract. Your laptop is in front of you and the screen has multiple windows open. You notice someone posted a puppy video on Facebook. You stop reading the contract and watch puppies play with butterflies and decide to eat lunch at the same time. DING, a text comes in. Then your child comes in the room and wants a snack. All of these events are distracting you from a legal document. You see where that can lead? The mind-hack affirmation for this is"I don't get distracted"

Sounds too simple to work, right? Trust me, it works. I know this because I've done it myself and it's practically cured my ADD. I've also advised clients to do the same and I'm happy to report they are seeing results.

Affirmations are also based on standards. What you think you deserve in life is what you get and, sadly, it's usually pretty limited. Rarely does a person implement actual risk into their affirmations but what would happen if you did?

Risk resides within a spectrum. What may seem like a risk to you would be a walk in the park to me and vice versa. Sky-diving might sound like a normal afternoon for someone but a nightmare for someone else. Thing is, if you're not giving risk a chance, you're not too far from moving into a comfort zone; a beautiful place where nothing happens.

2018 is a breath away. If you choose to level up and redefine what risk means for you, what would your affirmation be?

An agent afraid of public speaking can affirm... -"I enjoy hosting first time home-buyer events. Everyone is there to learn from me and they want my guidance. I will host them once a month and I will start planning and promoting now!"

An agent usually requests 4% at a listing appointment when they know they deserve more...

-"I'm excited to earn my worth and trade my service for a 6%. My offer is so compelling, the seller agrees."

Whatever your complaint may be about this industry, it can be reversed by speaking/affirming to yourself what you want it to be. It can shift your feeling or thought about an event or a duty that's required in order to be a success.

Ask yourself this...

What is the continuing complaint you have about this business?

What would it be like if this thing wasn't a complaint but something you accept or possibly enjoy?

What is the opposite of the complaint? Example-"I don't like calling my sphere. They don't want to hear from me" changes to "I love hearing what my sphere has to say on the phone. They enjoy hearing my voice. They feel happy when we finish our phone call and they want to hear from me again"

Try this affirmation on. Read it aloud if you're alone, write it on a post-it and stick it to your computer. Say it often...

"My affirmations are based on raising my standards and allowing myself to be challenged in my work and my life. For this reason, I am a success and money flows towards me as a result".

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