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Realtors: Want To Know How To Work Smarter Instead of Harder?

The story of hard work is in the romance section of your mind. The underdog rises up through the trenches by working long hours and investing blood, sweat and tears. After the sleepless nights and the overall taxation of his stress level and personal relationships BOOM, his goal is achieved! No matter your social standing, this story is relatable. All of us work hard for what we want and all of us want to see ourselves win. Promotions, money, dream homes, you want it all and you're going to work your ass off to get it!!! But do you have to?

I'm not suggesting you don't apply some elbow grease in your pursuit of success. Working hard is part of the equation but in order to streamline your time and energy while also enjoying your work try some methods I instruct my clients to do...

-Stop people-pleasing and say NO. Brokers tend to max out their schedule with appointments that don't actually close. In order to minimize your labor, focus on the money-making appointments and have the strength to say no to "clients" that aren't ready. You know the ones. The friend who doesn't need to buy until next year but wants to see what's out there with you and take up time you could use doing work that actually benefits your business now.

-Qualify! How many times have you spent your Sundays going to open houses with a buyer you eventually discover is incapable of even buying a home due to debt or poor credit? Having the courage to discuss finances on the phone beforehand is the skill that will keep your physical labor, time and energy where it should be spent...with clients who are actually able to close.

-Take action. In moments where you feel overwhelmed and the wheels are spinning out of control, take a step back, look at the big picture in front of you, consider all the moving parts and create a strategy. Ask yourself "If I had all the courage in the world, what would I do right now? What bold action must I take with the least amount of work?" This is the moment where you can rely on your creativity and strategy instead of your time and energy.

Want to know more? Schedule a consultation with me. Also, inquire about my coach-programs, Broker Flow and The Ready Rookie.

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