Unreal Estate: Lessons From A Recovering Real Estate Broker

My history in real estate had the kind of highs and lows a roller coaster could envy. In Unreal Estate: Lessons From A Recovering Real Estate Broker, I tell the tale of how I evolved from a low-level leasing agent to closing deals on yachts in the Bahamas. I also reveal the action steps that you can also take in order to shift your biz as well.  


Read what some of my readers (not to mention, successful Realtors) had to say about the book...

  “Finally, a success guide for practicing Realtors with an ‘in the trenches’ and practical perspective. As someone who created an enormously successful real estate practice from scratch, Ms Shock raw and transparent sharing of her journey provides real life solutions for any of us to follow. After reading her book you will share it with others - promise!”

– Jim Walberg, Pacific Union - Christies International, Bay Area


“Stefani’s philosophical, no-nonsense approach forced me to look at both myself and my business in ways I never had before.  Her exercises and challenges added benefits to my business and my life outside of work as well. I wish there had been a book like this when

I started in this business.”

– Julie Zelman, Rothschild and Associates Team. NYC


“A must read for anyone in real estate looking to up heir game, work more efficiently and become more successful, whatever their definition of that may be. Insightful with excellent examples of real life scenarios which will help you apply skills into your own circumstances.  Will be kept for ongoing review as life always has a way of switching things up.”

– Janet Watts, HG Christie Realty, Bahamas

"As a seasoned broker, I enjoyed this book from start to finish.  Reading Unreal Estate ignites inspired living as well as offering grounded business ideas and advice.  This is a must-read for any real estate professional at any point in your career!"

– Merlin Parker, Hammer & Park Real Estate, Denver, CO