Get ready to be a rock-star-rookie with tips & techniques from a real estate master...

82% of agents drop out within the first two years...

because the methods most Rookies are taught don't work!
Cold calling...Badger your friends and family...Knock on doors...Send out mailers...blow up your social feeds...
Rinse & Repeat!
So now you're asking, "If I don't do those things, what DO I do?" "How do I make money in this business?" "How do I get leads?" "How do I engage my community to choose me as their trusted Realtor?"
I have the strategy! I not only did it, I teach it to Rookies every day. It works so well, I packaged it as a course so I could deliver it to the masses.
In this course, I share the most effective actions a rookie must focus on in their first two years of real estate. When you take action on the methods and techniques within this course, you will see results that will last the duration of your career. 
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NOTE: The Ready Rookie is specifically designed for Realtors who are getting their license or in their first year in the business and have closed under five deals. If you have closed eight or more deals, I recommend you apply for my signature course, Real Estate Mastery, instead.  


Starting out in real estate requires a millionaire's mindset! In order to make money in real estate, you must focus on specific tasks that will not only make money but also teach you everything you need to know about this business. The entrepreneurial mindset of successful brokers is brought to light in this module so that you can use it as your foundation moving forward. 


Marketing 2.0 The best way to show potential clients how well you sell properties is to effectively sell yourself. This section is devoted to building a solid marketing strategy and all the many prospecting options you have to choose from. No need to reinvent the wheel when so many agents have already done the work. I share what’s working and isn’t working for them so you don't have to learn from your mistakes; learn from theirs. 


Working with buyers starts the moment a lead or referral dials your number, is introduced to you or sends you an email. In this module, we’ll cover how to effectively distinguish who the real buyers are and how to get the commitment you need in order to move forward with confidence. Working with sellers is made easier when you incorporate the leadership techniques I teach. In this module I cover the step-by-step process I used to exit the listing appointment with a signed agreement in-hand & the commission I'm worth. I will coach you on how to nail the commission conversation seamlessly. 

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