Stef's Clients Say...

I'm going to have my best year yet and I attribute it to working with Stef. She set me up for success and gave me the confidence to pursue my goals. I'm so grateful we met. I feel like I wouldn't have had the last 30-45 days of huge success, had it not been for the work that we did. 

Kimberly Moorhead

Wanderflower & Co, CO

If you’re even thinking of getting a coach…do it with Stef. I actually tried a couple other coaches before finding Stef and they were far from what I needed and a big waste of time. When I reached out to Stefani, I was already a successful Realtor, but I felt stuck. Call it a rut, call it depression, call it lack of organization. Whatever you want to name it, I needed a push and a direction. I got that in spades! Stef makes every conversation count. She gave me a no nonsense strategic plan, she gave me fresh ideas, she kept me on track and helped me make the big decisions in my life/career. You can feel the energy that she brings to your life. I needed to elevate my business and find that spark I lost. I waited a full year before leaving this review. I waited so I could be honest here with my “after” picture. I am currently today on track to DOUBLE the volume I was doing before my coaching. I'm at my #1 choice brokerage. I'm thankful for my personal life everyday and I'm 100% sure that I wouldn’t be crushing my goals without the time spent with Stefani kicking my butt. My time with her was worth way more than I paid. Do I need to mention again the DOUBLE volume this year? I'm not mentioning the pandemic here but yes, the above is true even in these uncertain times. I feel solid going into 2021 but if I ever feel that stuck feeling again, I know what to do now and I am thankful. 

Andie Ornelas

Hedgecock Group, AK

When planning a retreat, I knew I needed a strong leader to inspire10 high producing real estate agents. I'm so glad I invited Stef to join. Her price was so affordable for the major value she brought to each person's business. Real Estate is a lifestyle, not a profession so we spent much of our time digging into personal matters that were holding us back in our business and creating a life that is happy and healthy. Stef will help you make major break throughs!

Kassidy Benson

Living Room Real Estate, CO

Stef led myself and 8 other women on a real estate oriented retreat this past Winter. It was incredible. She made us all feel so at home immediately - even though there were the inevitable anxious jitters from all of us never meeting before. From the first roundtable, I knew she was going to unlock some pieces of the puzzle that I was missing.


It was a life changing experience in just a few short days. Personally, I was able to come to terms with some deep feelings that I had been repressing without even knowing. Once I was able to face them, I came to a really enlightening conclusion on not only where I wanted my business to be, but who I wanted to be in all areas.  

I can't thank her enough for coaching me to a successful, refreshing, and meaningful 2020. Whether you are looking for personal or career growth, she's your girl. I'll definitely be back for more!

Madison Kissel

The Kissel Group

When I decided to go back into real estate in a totally new and different market after a several year hiatus, I knew I would benefit from working with a coach. I knew I wanted a coach whose specialty was real estate. I needed someone that knew the ups and downs of this crazy business firsthand. I was so glad I found Stef who not only understands real estate but has a big heart, a keen mind and great intuition (in no particular order!). She really helped me navigate the first few months in both a big picture and small picture way which was exactly what I needed. It was incredibly helpful to work with someone who could ask me insightful questions about my life goals and, in the same conversation, role play a conversation with a prospective seller. I have recommended Stef to other agents who have been as thrilled as I was. She's a pro!

Kellye Grayson

The Avenue Central Coast Realty, San Luis Obispo, CA

Stefani was able to help me break through the obstacles that were in my way and focus my strengths and energy where I needed it!  I have grown both professionally and personally after working with her!  She taught me several strategies to focus my energy and keep me on course, I am forever grateful!  

Kim Evans

Sellstate Realty Pros, Colorado

Stef is an incredible miracle worker! When I first met with her, I was in a dark place both personally and professionally. I had a vision of who I was supposed to be and I was not living up to it. After meeting with her weekly for the past 4-5 months, I am a completely new person and I credit her with my transformation. She was able to lift my spirits but also provide ideas to enhance my business into a life I love. I cherish my sessions with her and look forward to them each and every week!

Kylie McKay

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Denver

Stefani was able to analyze both my strengths and my weaknesses in a constructive way and help me overcome serious roadblocks I didn't even know were present in my business.

Athena Brownson

Compass, Denver

Stef guided me to make necessary adjustments to my strategy and its definitely changed everything! My confidence is high, my motivation is clear and I'm not questioning my talent anymore. Mindset is key in this industry and she helped me change mine. She is able to pinpoint what works and makes it one's prime focus. Strategy is everything and Broker Flow has it! Stef's also down-to-earth and has a great sense of humor. 

Andria Day

Los Angeles, CA

Stefani uses her intuition in order to gain a deeper understanding of her client which allows her to unveil the very obstacles that hold each individual back.

Julie Zelman

Rothschild and Associates Realty, NYC

My expectations have been exceeded with Stef Shock. I hired her with the understanding that she would share her wisdom and expertise of the real estate field. Well not only is Stef my real estate coach, she is now my life coach. Stef has been with me every step of the way. I was doing well in my career, but Stef took me to that next level. I now have more daily structure, better marketing skills, killer social media and technology knowledge, and a gorgeous new brand & website! The future is bright and my confidence has increased greatly.

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Elise Tuck

Savvy Realty, Denver

Broker Flow has been a vast improvement for my team. I have agents who have been in the business for 3 months all the way to 3 years and every one of us has seen a vast improvement in our business over the seven week program. We highly recommend Broker Flow and Stef's coaching.


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Tasha Beckman

Mama Bear Team, Exit Realty, Colorado

Before Broker Flow, I was not sure where to even start! Disorganized is a good description. I was also willing to hire anyone who had a pulse. Stef changed the way I run my brokerage! From the training I offer my agents to the agents I now hire.

MaryJo Cammarota

Cammarota Real Estate, New Jersey

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