Why Millennial Realtors Will Gladly Take Your Business


Youth has so many advantages. Energy, enthusiasm, naivety...these are gifts everyone is given, free of charge, but only for a window of time and guess who has this power now?


That's right, millennials. 


Now before you come at me with an email letting me know you're 60 years-old and can still do a somersault, the above statement doesn't apply to everyone. There are older people (of which I am one) that still have the ambition and go-to attitude required  to be a successful business owner but age isn't really the reason why millennials have an edge...culture is.

Millennials entering the Real Estate industry are nothing like the generations before them. 

👉🏻    First of all, millennials were raised in a digital age where the complexities of technology were learned in their teens, a time when the human brain digests info like a ravenous animal.


They also embrace social media and use it daily to share everything from puppies fighting over a cupcake to market stats in their neighborhood.


Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out how Instagram stories works. 

👉🏻  Secondly, their generation treats entrepreneurs like rock stars. They don't get gun-shy about launching their own business. They're willing to take risks, partially because Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone told them to. Crush It and #Hustle are the slogans of their generation. My generation said Just Do It; motivating but it lacks the crushing and the appeal of blood, sweat and tears. 


👉🏻  Thirdly, we didn't have access to training and systems. The internet was still fairly new therefore CRM's and Zillow didn't exist yet. My managing broker pointed at a desk and said "That's yours. Good luck" and took 50% of my commission. I spent my rookie years reinventing the wheel while modern-day agencies provide Realtors with training.


That being said, whether you're a millennial or not, if you don't have a coach or if you rely on your brokerage to teach you everything about this business, you will suffer.


You will lose business to the countless new agents who have the entrepreneurial desire to top the leader-board all while posting pics of their closings. I wouldn't have made that statement ten years ago but I stand behind it 100% now.



Example, I've paid a handsome chunk of change to be a successful broker and I got my ROI, believe me. If I didn't do this, I lose business to the Realtors that do.


Therefore, the way to compete with the new guard doesn't require youth.  You just have to do what your competitors are doing. Seek information, attend seminars, buy the books and, most importantly, hire a coach.


Hire me.


I teach the new systems that are driving the real estate industry. I even teach them to millennials (except Instagram stories. I have no clue how that works).


Millennials hire me more than the experienced agents. Yep, the kids who have less money than the older agents are hiring coaches because they treat this industry seriously and when someone treats their career seriously, the top the leader-board.


So how can I help you? I do one-on-one coaching for realtors who need a life-coach (of which I'm formally trained and certified). I help agents who need branding. I host group coaching; my online course, Broker Flow.

I recommend checking out www.stefshock.com where you will see a list of the many tools I provide. I'm also a speaker, author, Inman contributor, licensed broker, trainer, coach and consultant.


Click HERE for more on Broker Flow and click HERE to book a Free strategy session where we will discover which course of action is best for you.






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