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How To BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)

Why do bosses matter? Every successful company needs a boss. The larger the company, the more bosses it has. Where most Realtors struggle (from rookies to seasoned brokers) is the lack of a boss in their business.

Managing brokers? Not your boss.

Mentors? Not your boss.

YOU are your boss.

When someone works in the corporate world, their production is reliant on goals created by the boss of their department. This is what accountability looks like. The boss of your department holds you accountable. Therefore, if you don't have a boss holding you accountable, you must rely on yourself.

What does that look like? Simple, you must know your strengths and build a strategy that uses those strengths. If you are strong at networking, build a strategy on it. If you are heavily connected, build a strategy on it. Have a natural gift at cold-calling? Enjoy hosting events? Have a talent for content creation? Build a strategy on it.

So what's the strategy? You must do THREE THINGS daily in order to take control of your business and broker like a boss. What are the three things? I will reveal them in a LIVE webinar I'm hosting three times this week.

Click HERE to register for the day and time that works best for you and prepare to Be Your Own Boss.

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