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You're Not A Cookie

I’m sure you hear that all the time.

There isn’t one profession with a personality spectrum quite like real estate. Why? Because most Realtors had a different plan.

They were former house painters, lawyers, baristas, mechanics…you name it. Ask any realtor what got them into real estate and they’ll tell you about another profession they had before. In most cases they’re happy they made the change.

That being said, not all Realtors are alike. We come with our own set of strengths and weaknesses.

I was a master at hosting open houses to get buyers. I also loved networking. Was I good at cold calling and relationship management? Nope.

So, if I built my business on cold calling or relationship management, I would have failed miserably and left real estate. I would have said "Guess I'm a bad Realtor" and bolted.

When I discovered my strengths, I excelled. I closed more deals and made more money.

That’s why brokerages that teach one style or one form of prospecting lose agents. The agent either thinks they failed or they move to a company that teaches them a system they’re good at.

This is why I created Broker Flow; a course specifically designed to help you find your strength and leverage it in order to master your business, work on your own terms and make more money.

Click HERE if you’re not a cookie and want to design a business on your terms.

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