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Colorado Realtors...You Don't Want to Miss This!

Finally a class that covers the top questions agents ask me...

-"How do I get leads from posting on social media?"

-"What is my business page for anyway?"

-"How can Facebook advertising help my business?"

-"How do you design imagery that grabs people's attention?"​

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If you have a Facebook account, you are in possession of one of the most effective platforms to engage your sphere and scale your business. Touches are now happening with the click of a button and agents are building lead generating systems through their business page.

How does someone use it to its full potential? How many deals can you get from it? What is your business page for anyway? Are you struggling with Facebook ads? Unsure how to set up an ad, target your ad, or how much money to spend? This is the workshop for you!

In this workshop, Stefani (Broker Flow Coaching) and Mike Reff (Hey Mr. Digital Media) will give a guided tour on how to EFFECTIVELY use Facebook to expand your network, engage your sphere and close more deals in 2018. From your profile page to your biz page, we will be covering every corner of the most popular sources for advertising available in social media.

Stefani and Mike will cover actual case-studies of effective posts and targeted ads that grabbed people’s attention and sparked real estate conversations and conversions.

- How to expand your network to increase your odds of getting a return on your time & energy investment.

- What medium gets the most attention (video, blog posts, special offers)?

- How many times a day must you post for this strategy to work?

- What topics should you be posting on?

- Where do I get the content and how do I seize the moment someone posts a comment?

- How to create custom audiences to reach your desired demographic through paid advertising?

We will also cover websites that will support your posting; from design to execution, you will leave this course with actual tactical skills, not suggestions.

March 1st, 11-3:00 at 4582 S Ulster Street Suite 200, Denver CO 80237


*Must bring computer

*Must have a Facebook business page set up

*Must have a credit card linked for ad payment

Cost is $25 per attendee, paid on site.

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