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You'll Never Talk To Buyers The Same Way Again...

I’ve just gotta flip my hair and brag for a moment, I can convert a home-buyer within minutes of them telling me they’re looking.

Even better, I can discern whether they’re real and ready to buy emotionally/financially.

I created a fool-proof script while brokering property for ten years in NYC. While learning from some of the most talented brokers in Manhattan, I developed a skill in how to speak to buyers in a way that would compel them to work with me.

Traditional scripts are all the same...the same questions with little execution. Flip The Script is more than a script, it’s a conversation flow that puts you in the leading role and excites the buyer to move forward with you as their representative.

And now I’m sharing it…FOR FREE.

This script isn’t just for phone leads! I used this method while speaking with all buyers; friends, family, random person at a bbq…you name it.

Click the button below and get the script that actually prepares you and the buyer for the next stage in their search. The questions might look familiar but the way you ask them will never be the same!

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