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You have two voices...

...and if the words "What is she talking about. No I don't" just crossed your mind, that's the voice I'm referring to.

Throughout the day, we experience events and immediately form opinions. Whether it's your reaction to a difficult client or how you respond to someone you're negotiating with; your opinion is involved and it has a voice.

While you're reading this, the voice is deciding if I'm right or not and whether you're going to read the whole post. The voice constantly chimes in.

I’ll add that we have two voices. One of them is louder than the other and, in most cases, the louder voice tends to be negative. Negativity, unfortunately, disguises itself as protection. We go through life protecting ourselves from pain, heartbreak, challenges, name it. If it requires any level of risk, the louder voice starts up to "protect" you and that typically involves advising you to run like hell.

Realtors, like most business owners, have to manage the louder voice. The agents I see struggle the most are the ones who spend a great deal of time listening to the loud voice; thinking they're listening to the voice of wisdom when it's actually the voice of fear.

"If you invest money into a lead generator, that money is gone for good. That's all the money you have."

"If you post on Facebook, you'll look salesy. You don't want to look salesy!"

"If you host an event, what will you do if nobody shows up?"

That's the voice I'm talking about. It's whatever thought you have that's holding you back.

What would happen if you listened to the other voice; the quiet one? The one that wants you to take more risks? What would your career look like if you invested more? More time, money and energy into your business? What does that involve?

Start by acknowledging fear...and then respond to it...

"If you invest money into a lead generator, it's gone for good. That's all the money you have." -I'm going to learn how to convert leads effectively. It won't feel like a risk because I know how to talk to anyone about real estate.