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Turn Struggle Into Hustle

While compiling a list of all the goals you plan to accomplish in 2018, choose this...

"I will fail more in 2018. And when I think I have failed too much,

I will do some more failing."

To be a success at anything, you must be ok with discomfort. Better yet, enjoy the discomfort. Especially in an industry like real estate where it practically comes standard.

So if you're asking if you will be a successful realtor, reconsider the question and ask this instead... "Can I master all the highs and lows of this business?" because ultimately, that's what this business is...a compilation of highs and lows. You will hustle to close your first few deals, then you won't have a deal for a couple months, then you'll randomly get a call from someone who wants to buy a home priced so high you'll question if you're qualified to represent them, then they will change their mind and buy a fixer-upper for the lowest price you've ever sold. There is nothing predictable about this industry and when you grasp that concept and choose to have fun with it instead of being burdened by it, you have a mental advantage over the competition.

That, my friends, is hustle.

You've probably seen the word Hustle pop up a lot lately. It's become a catchy word. Hell, I've even incorporated it into my marketing. I was warned by someone to not use the phrase Turn Your Struggle Into Hustle because "It might be a turn off to people who don't want to hustle." To which I replied "Than that's exactly why I should use it".

When did hustle get such a bad rap? It might be trending at the moment but there was a time, not too long ago, where the word Hustle turned people off. It's as if dislodging yourself from your comfort zone and putting a little sweat into your work became taboo. It's as if we're all entitled to comfort 24/7 and anything that makes us uncomfortable (like marketing yourself on Facebook or cold-calling) should be avoided for fear of failing. But here's the trick, at the end of the day, failure is nothing more than an outcome with a lesson inside it. Failure doesn't actually exist. It's a construct and if you're in the comfort zone, fear-of-failing is calling the shots.

On the other side of fear is success so if you're going to fear anything, fear complacency and comfort.

I know agents who show up early and leave late. They will go to great lengths and collect their bruises along the way. They are the ones who are kicking ass, closing deals and taking receipts so if there's one bit of advice I can give anyone in the new year it's one simple word...


And if you want to know how to hustle, check out my course Broker Flow where I will teach you how.

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