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#HUSTLE in 2018

2018 is coming. If you really want the best year ever, scrap the resolutions and create commitments instead...

-Commit to making more moola than you've ever made before. How do you do this? Start with...

-Commit to eliminating what didn't work in 2017, lean into what did and do at least three actions you haven't done before. This will expand your sphere and your business.

-Commit to your personal time. If this requires developing boundaries with your clients regarding your availability, do it. Commit to your family, your friends, your meditation and exercise, commit to your health. These things fuel the energy you need to be successful in and out of business.

-Commit to play. Be playful as much as possible. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Play at work. Play on Facebook. Play with your friends and family...playtime is healthy, fun and it builds character.

-Commit to BYOB (Being Your Own Boss) which requires expecting from yourself what your former bosses expected from you. They expected you to show up early and leave late, they expected you to hustle, they expected you to care about the product and serve customers at your highest level.

-Commit to NEW marketing actions. Do things you've never done. Things that make you uncomfortable. Get out of the comfort zone. It's boring there. Challenge yourself.

Start with this...the guide to SIX of the most effective marketing actions in 2017. Click the link below and prepare for your best year ever...

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