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Marketing Your Mojo

What Is Mojo?​

It's what makes you uniquely different from everyone else. It's your style, your swagger, you're talent and...for can be a money-maker. In order to profit off your mojo, first you need to know what your mojo is, then you must market it.

When people hear the word "branding" they immediately think of logos and/or an image that's easily identifiable. This is accurate for the most part. In fact, a brokerages brand can carry so much value, it can define the commission split they charge their agents (the difference between Sotheby's and Century 21).

Since this is the case, if your company isn't providing a brand for you, it's your responsibility to fill this role within your own business model.

Most agents assume that branding is 100% the responsibility of the agency they hang their license with but this mindset is limiting. The more an agent takes responsibility for this aspect of their business, the more business they will have. Agents who focus on getting and maintaining attention have more power in this industry.

An empowered agent understands that their image is a fundamental part of their business and therefore takes control of it.

So how do we create the image and capitalize on it?

A majority of people have an interest outside of their career. Realtors are no exception and the most successful of agents utilize their interests in order to expand their sphere and market themselves to the masses. This is your personal brand and it goes beyond logos and colors. It's the thing people think about when they think of you. Maybe you're the realtor who travels the world or who frequents the symphony. The realtor who helps out at the local food bank. The realtor who hosts poker nights or Sunday football gatherings. Your mojo involves what you do when you're not at work. THAT'S your personal brand. This doesn't require just Facebook. This is the content you can put in your newsletters or take it to the next level and build a lifestyle blog with it.

Having mentioned Facebook, the most effective way to broadcast your lifestyle is with social media (Instagram and Pinterest are increasingly becoming just as popular). We live in a day and age where people are sharing everything about themselves and the self-employed must leverage this asset as much as possible. Do you have a right to a private life? Of course, but share what you do feel comfortable with and watch what happens. Agents I coach who manage this form of sphere engagement get deals through Facebook as consistently as they use it.

What are they posting?

Anything from pictures at closings to posting videos of listings. If they don't have listings, they post interior design photos. Anything to get there sphere to stop scrolling the newsfeed and see something pretty. They will associate your name with these images while reminding them you exist and love real estate. This reminds everyone in your life that you are not only a realtor, you're a realtor. This is the essence of brand awareness and every business you know of does this. Your email inbox is packed with companies you have shopped with. Your social media newsfeed is peppered with deals and discounts from all your favorite stores. How you market your business is no different than what any successful business/corporation does.

This is your life, you're just sharing it. A lot of agent's fear they will sound salesy if they post a lot about real estate. It's understandable to worry about this but the truth of the matter is, the people in your life are already being bombarded with info from everyone else in their life, which happens to include other realtors. You aren't offending anyone by posting pics from the last hike you went on and then posting your most recent closing the following day. You're just another story in their newsfeed. Ultimately, the more they see you, the more you stay top-of-mind. Similar to brand recognition, you're simply popping into their radar like every brand out there; Target, Chipotle, Wayfair...etc. The more they people hear about a brand, the more they use it.

Your mojo is a collection of the things you do that cultivates your personality. Combine this with confidence and share it with rest of the world. The trick is to not take it so seriously. Have a sense of humor about this stuff. Be playful and make it more apart of your life instead of this thing you have to do. It might feel awkward at first to be posting all the time but after awhile, it will be as important as the emails you send and the phone calls you make.

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