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Comfort is Overrated...

While in the pursuit of success in real estate, you will stop yourself many times because discomfort happens and when people are faced with it, they distract themselves with something that makes them feel productive but rarely makes them money nor raises the bar for their business.

How do I know this? Not only have I done this in the past when I was an agent, I also coach Realtors everyday and I'm a witness to this behavior in action. When discomfort sets in, they will stop whatever they're doing and go in search of comfort (work on another project, watch tv, eat something, call a friend...etc).

Want to change that? Start by loving the ugly. We are far too hung-up on the comfort zone. If there is one thing a zen-master will tell you, it's to get comfortable with discomfort.

To be in "the zone" means to be so focused that discomfort doesn't happen. Since "the zone" is a destination, allow discomfort to be apart of the path that gets you there. When I was a realtor, I was uncomfortable everyday...not all day but I definitely encountered discomfort on the daily. To deal with it, I just stopped caring about it. I'm uncomfortable. So what? I will continue the work, get into the zone and the discomfort will pass. It always does.

Control the mind. Control the inner-game that's holding you back. This can be done with mind-hacks that will stop the negative noise that comes with this business. Here are some examples...

Negotiating a hairy deal?

"I've GOT this! I am a powerful negotiator. I will win/win this and everyone will walk away happy."

"I've got to go to the gym."

"I'm lucky I get to go to the gym.

It makes me strong physically and mentally."

Competing with a discount broker for a listing?

"They don't do what I do. That's why I earn 6%"

Have to update my CRM?

This is what I get paid to do. If I update the CRM, I will get more deals from it. Therefore, the next two hours could make me $10K or more.

To really master this art, one must look to someone else who has been where they are and knows how to move beyond it. Click here to learn about my courses where I teach the mindset an agent needs to be a success. From sales skills to marketing, my courses teach what the power brokers do to develop a successful business. Whether you're a rookie in your first two years or a seasoned agent, I provide the tools and techniques that will turn your business around and get you to the six-figure level.

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