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Stop Saying This And Start Doing This...

If there is one statement I hear many times over it's...

"I'm just not motivated right now."

Sooooo every money-making and heart-filling plan must wait until you are motivated? Cause that's going to take awhile.

Here's the trick to motivation, you can create it...but you actually have to take action first. Sounds backwards, right? That's the thing, motivation leads to action but action also creates motivation.

Consider this, the hardest part of going for a jog is putting on the sneakers. People who jog regularly, me included, struggle to put the shoes on and walk out the door because we know that the first two blocks are going to be a pain in the butt to build momentum...but I jog anyway because I know the momentum will come. Motivation is the same thing. It takes awhile but forcing yourself past the sluggish early stage of action will shift your mindset and before you know it, you're three miles in and ready for push-ups.

If you're supposed to update your CRM but lack the motivation to do it, do it anyway. Square off the time, pour a glass of wine, turn on some music and just do it. Need to schedule a drip campaign or write a ton of newsletters? Log into your systems and start typing. Don't think too much about it...just type, take a break when you need to, return to it, edit it and post it.

Sometimes my coach-clients ask me about the other agents I work with. They say "How does he/she do it? They're crushing it". My response is always the same "They don't think too hard on their ideas. They simply execute on them and get it done." It's true. Action defines who you are so if you want to define yourself as a success, don't rely on motivation. Take ACTION!

If you're in your first two years of real estate (or know someone who is) and you want to take action, click HERE to learn more about how to effectively take action in your career and your life!

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