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Convert Leads QUICK When you...

While working alongside some of the best brokers in NYC, I absorbed the tools and techniques which allowed me to succeed in real estate. Arguably, the most valuable lesson I learned was the qualifying process. Because I learned from the best, I developed a system that was so effective, I converted every qualified client easily and in a short period of time.

Qualifying conversations can be tricky and many realtors struggle with the flow of the conversation. For that reason, this technique makes it easy to do and also allows you to maintain control of the conversation.

So, what makes this different than your typical scripted conversation? When you put the focus less on script questions and more on having a effective conversation, you win the client over. Not to say the questions you ask aren't important but having an organized flow to the Q&A is absolutely essential. Coupling structure with active listening skills is the perfect recipe for qualifying a potential client and converting them to commit to you alone.

You can use whatever questions you like in this three-stage process. What's important is that it adheres to the format; Past/Present/Future...

Stage One: Questions about the PAST

(Collecting data on the history of their search)

Stage Two: Questions Regarding the PRESENT

(Learning about their current emotional state. Pleasure & Pain)

Stage Three: Questions about the FUTURE

(Solidifying the Commitment)

Stage One: Ask questions regarding the PAST

Sample questions are...

-How long have you been looking?

-What has your experience been like so far?

-What have you seen so far? Did an agent represent you while you were looking at those homes?