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You’ve lost something...

Where did you last see it? You’ve been asked this question many times while searching your pockets and gazing at all corners of the room. Losing things is standard practice in life. Cellphones, sunglasses, keys…they all get sucked into the same “lost stuff” vortex. Losing your way is an extreme comparison but there is something to be said for having a grasp on it one day and not having it the next.

I have lived in many places and have tried multiple careers. One could say I’m an expert at the 180 degree life-transition and if that is the case, one thing I discovered is that its rarely pleasant. I have friends and clients experiencing this inevitable stage right now and it brings back all those memories of vulnerability and indecisiveness that haunted me when I was standing at the same fork in the road. So lets investigate where you lost the compass that was leading you on your way. Where did you last see it?

The ideas you had as a child were untouched by the current adult filter in which many of us view our options. Children rarely bog down their dreams with questions like “How much is my dream going to cost?” Children don’t fixate too much on risk and fear. At this moment, all that matters is connecting with a time in your past when your fears weren’t limiting your perspective. I encourage you to look at this life-change decision through the eyes of a playful child.

Try this on. Turn everything off, sit in silence and step into the mental time machine. You’re going back now. Can you see yourself as a child? Get clear with the details. Where are you in this moment? Have you just climbed a tree or are you under the dining room table? Take a moment to connect with the dreams that flowed through your mind at that time. What made you laugh? What were you drawn to do? Did you ever dream of helping others and if so, what was that service? Were you the social kid who wanted everyone to play together or did you just enjoy reading a book by yourself?

I invite you to dig through your pockets, take a good look around the room, allow yourself to be curious without the limitations of fear. What are you discovering in this space? What would your younger you say to you about your "adult" decisions? Maybe he or she is saying "Apply for that job you don’t feel qualified for. Leave the career that was once fulfilling and now draining. Move to that city or town that called your name from its picture."

After all, what do you have to lose?

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