We start tomorrow morning and go for TEN WEEKS of confidence building, leadership training and all around greatness making!
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Testimonials from agents coached by Stef...
Stefani was able to analyze both my strengths and my weaknesses in a constructive way and help me overcome serious roadblocks I didn't even know were present in my business.  
-Athena Brownson 
Compass Real Estate
It was a life changing experience in just a few short days. Personally, I was able to come to terms with some deep feelings that I had been repressing without even knowing. Once I was able to face them, I came to a really enlightening conclusion on not only where I wanted my business to be, but who I wanted to be in all areas.  I can't thank her enough for coaching me to a successful, refreshing, and meaningful 2020. Whether you are looking for personal or career growth, she's your girl. I'll definitely be back for more!    
 -Madison Kissel
Compass Real Estate
Stef is an incredible miracle worker! When I first met with her, I was in a dark place both personally and professionally. I had a vision of who I was supposed to be and I was not living up to it. After meeting with her weekly for the past 4-5 months, I am a completely new person and I credit her with my transformation. She was able to lift my spirits but also provide ideas to enhance my business into a life I love. I cherish my sessions with her and look forward to them each and every week!      
-Kylie McKay 
Berkshire Hathaway
I'm going to have my best year yet and I attribute it to working with Stef. She set me up for success and gave me the confidence to pursue my goals. I'm so grateful we met. I feel like I wouldn't have had the last 30-45 days of huge success, had it not been for the work that we did. 
-Kimberly Moorhead
Wanderflower & Co, CO
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