I'm about to get real and tell you the hard facts about this business...most (like 90%) of agents lack focus, don't have a business-model and even if they do, they completely lack confidence.


In order to thrive in this industry (and in life) you have to have focus, a plan and confidence.


Realtors purchase programs in order to make more money but in exchange, they sacrifice enormous time and energy. They waste their money on methods that don't work. 

My services come in multiple forms...

One-On-One Coaching- Let's create a strategy for your business. Whether you're new to real estate or you're planning the last few years before retirement, I will co-create a plan-for-action that excites you. I offer three month commitment packages for agents who are serious about leveling up and getting results. 

Speaking- I have a menu of topics I cover. Agents want to know how to compete with discount agencies. They want to now how to effectively convert their leads. They want to learn about Facebook advertising and the new-school of marketing. I cover all these topics and more and provide CE credits depending on the topic. 

Online Course- My online course, Broker Flow, was developed after fifteen years of working in the NYC real estate market and developing my sales skills.  While coaching agents,  I heard their frustrations and built the solutions into this course. I cover what agents need to thrive in this competitive industry and build a solid foundation for a successful career as a Realtor. The courses include group coaching and a private Facebook group with content and videos agents can use to raise the bar on their biz. 


Content Writing- I have been a contributing writer for publications like and also wrote the book Unreal Estate: Lessons From A Recovering Real Estate Broker.

SUBJECTS: Mastering Work/Life Balance, Strategy (business plan), Authenticity & Confidence, Leveling Up, Win/Win Negotiation, Selling Your Six Percent, Flip The Script, Commitment & Consistent, Abundance vs Scarcity, Staying In Flow...etc.


CONTACT ME regarding your needs and we will discover the best course of action for you. 

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