Whether you're a Rookie or a Team Leader, there is a course for you. But which one?
Well, if you've ever said...

"I'm hitting a stand-still. I want to level up but I need techniques beyond what my broker gives me"

"I should be making more money by now. I'm closing deals but my mindset is in scarcity mode and I lack confidence"

"I want to try new things. I want a better technique to engage my sphere but I also want to get out there and expand my sphere."

"I want to make more money and I'm ready to take action in order to do it! I want to work smarter instead of harder. Show me the way!"

Than you want Real Estate Mastery

"I have a team (or creating a team) and I need to teach them the mindset and the culture that will keep us motivated and on track. I need more leadership skills."
"I want a guest coach to speak to my whole team at a couple team meetings so they have a different point of view about the industry than just my view."
"How often do I need to host meetings? I need new topics for my agents to stay motivated and learn new techniques."
"Where do I find agents to recruit? What do I need to ask them to see if they're the right fit for my team? I have a couple agents that aren't performing and I can't add more like that"
Than you want Broker Flow
"I'm new to real estate and I have no clue what I'm doing!"
"I'm chasing my tail with too many options. What do I focus on that actually gets results?"
"I don't know how to talk to buyers about real estate. How do I get listings? How do I market myself? How do I utilize social media to get the word out about what I do?"
"How to I connect with my sphere without sounding salesy? I want them to use me to buy/sell homes but I don't know how to do that."
Than you want The Ready Rookie
"My self-esteem needs work. I just don't have the confidence the successful agents have. I need this to succeed"
"I'm not attracting the business I want into my life. Frankly, I'm attracting things I don't want into my life in and out of my business. How do I change this?"
"My stress level is maxed out. I'm drained and need a break"
Than you want Sound Bar: Guided Meditation For Realtors
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"I'm converting half the leads and referrals that come my way. Why can't I convert ALL of them?"
"I notice that my clients don't follow my guidance and also email me at all hours with listings they found and a crummy attitude. It's like they're leading me instead of the other way around"
"​I've worked with a couple buyers who, after a couple months, decide they're not ready to buy a home. Is there a way I could have discovered this earlier?"
Than you want Flip The Script so you can convert leads with ease