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What is Broker Flow?

Broker Flow is a collection of all the resources an agent needs in order to have a successful business...

  • Online Course with Seven Modules of written content, business tracking, journaling and goal setting.
  • Video Tutorials where I show you the tricks of the Real Estate trade and how to use them to attract committed buyers, 6% sellers and keep your deals alive all the way to the closing table.
  • Coach Calls. Optional for agents who want group or one-on-one coaching. Click HERE to qualify.
  • Private Facebook Group where I post even more tutorials and share content you can use on your social media feeds to engage your sphere.


When you get Broker Flow, you also get my course on lead conversion, Flip The Script and an e-copy of my book, Unreal Estate: Lessons From A Recovering Real Estate Broker where I share the specific methods that tripled my income and lead me to sell luxury real estate in

Manhattan and The Bahamas.

Get the course plus all the bonuses for just $650

What's in the seven modules?

Module 1

Hustle, Mojo & Mindset. What better way to make money than with a millionaire's mindset? Success is 80% dependent on the way you look at yourself and your business. What is your unique gift? What is your greatest struggle? We'll evaluate where you are and what got you here before we pave the way for a successful future. The entrepreneurial mindset of successful brokers is brought to light in this module so that you can use it as your foundation moving forward. 

Module 2

Planning the path for the future of your business requires taking a diagnostic viewpoint of your business and how you manage it. Systems and tracking are brought to light in this module where we will set your goals for what you want to accomplish and have solid numbers to back them up. Combine the goal tracker, leads tracker and  the GCI spreadsheet and BAM, you've got the equation for a solid business. Numbers don't lie so let's get real with where you are and where you're going.

Module 3

Marketing 2.0 The best way to show potential clients how well you sell properties is to effectively sell yourself. This section is devoted to building a solid marketing strategy and all the many prospecting options you have to choose from. I have developed this powerful list of prospecting styles from my own personal experience and listening to what successful agents are currently doing. No need to reinvent the wheel when so many agents have already done the work. I share what’s working and isn’t working for them so you don't have to learn from your mistakes; learn from theirs. 

Module 4

Working with buyers starts the moment a lead or referral dials your number, is introduced to you or sends you an email. In this module, we’ll cover how to effectively distinguish who the real buyers are and how to get the commitment you need in order to move forward with confidence. I will share my fool-proof conversion script that not only has the perfect questions to ask potential clients, but how and when to ask them. We’ll cover how to get the buyer to consider options outside their comfort zone and how to negotiate effectively.

Module 5

Working with sellers is made easier when you incorporate the leadership techniques I teach. In this module I cover the step-by-step process I used to exit the listing appointment with a signed agreement in-hand & the commission I'm worth. I will coach you on how to nail the commission conversation seamlessly. Competing with discount brokers? I've got that covered too. You will know how to handle every sticky statement the seller gives, like "I'm  in contact with another agent who charges less than you" will learn how to handle that one and many more.

Module 6

Set & Forget. At the foundation of marketing and advertising (from big brands to small) you will find the sales funnel strategy. In order to have an effective marketing strategy, you must understand the journey your audience goes through (from the moment they meet you to the moment they decide to buy/sell a home). The technique you learn in module 6 keeps you top of mind with your potential clients, enhances brand awareness and positions you as their go-to Realtor when they are ready to buy and/or sell.

Module 7

Getting clear on the future. We’ll dig deep in this module to define what your business looks like from this day forward. From manifesting your outcomes to creating a business plan that compels you, this module doesn’t send you off without knowing what’s next…it prepares you for what you always wanted real estate to be. From this day forward, you’ll not only broker like a bad-ass, you’ll know how to manage your thriving business.

Have you had that moment yet?

The one where you say... 

"Ok, this business isn't what I thought it was going to be"

Let's face it, real estate can be a gut-punch. It's no wonder there's an 82% drop-out rate...which is 100% due to lack of proper coaching.

Plenty of agents get coaching from their brokerages but frankly, the strategies and techniques that are required to thrive are rarely taught in agencies.  

Who Is Broker Flow For?

Broker Flow meets you where you're at and takes you to the next stage, no matter what that stage looks like. Agents struggling to make sense of the mindset and behaviors required to thrive in this industry will get huge benefits from Broker Flow.


This course is not focused on nuts & bolts training (understanding contracts and how your database works). We focus on sales skills, negotiation practices, follow-ups and communication techniques that attract the ideal client to you and your service plus so much more (read module descriptions above)

The module descriptions above explain it all but if you have any questions, I highly recommend we have a consult call before you make a decision whether or not you want to move forward with Broker Flow.TEAM LEADERS have Broker Flow for their whole team! Click HERE for more info!


  • When will I have control over my business? When will I get in flow? 

  • How can I use social media in order to expand my sphere of influence? I've tried this but it's not working!

  • How is it some agents get buyers at an open house but I struggle with it? 

  • I'm pitching for a listing but I’m competing with an agent who’s charging less. How do I show value?

  • I hate sounding salesy! I don't want to call my sphere everyday or bombard them with my real estate info but if I don't, how am I going to get business? 

  • I don't know how to organize my business and I'm easily distracted. How do I manage and maintain what I have while also farming for more deals in the future? 

  • I know what I’m doing but I lack the confidence to attract business to me. I keep second guessing myself and it’s slowing me down. 

If you've ever said...

Then Broker Flow is RIGHT FOR YOU!!!!

I have built this course specifically to tackle these challenges...and many more not listed!

Who Is Stef Shock?

After ten years in the industry selling property in Manhattan and luxury homes in the Bahamas, I became a full-time coach and consultant to realtors and brokers. I've increased the income and the happiness of my clients and students through my online courses, one-on-one and group coaching.


From Rookies to Seasoned Brokers, I deliver results.​


I coach rookies who have completed real estate school and feel like they only know the tip of the iceberg...I show them the whole iceberg.


​I coach seasoned Realtors who have lost confidence in a competitive industry that's constantly evolving with new tools and systems...I put them back in the fast lane so they have just as much (if not more) energy and capability as their competitor. 


​My realtors get amazing results from the work we do. How? Because I have been where they are. I relate to the experience of a struggling realtor and coach the same techniques that shifted me from struggling to succeeding.

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