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Broker Flow is a seven module online course. You will have access to the online course material for as long as it exists. The content will shift over time but 90% of what is currently in the course will remain.

Seven Online Modules: Within these modules you will find video tutorials, written content and assignments. The course is designed to be done in real-time, alongside your day to day work activities. Please review the assignments as early as you can when the module unlocks in order to keep from spilling over into the next week. The first two modules have the most assignments so it’s essential you jump into the work the moment the module unlocks.

The Facebook Group: Your inclusion with the Facebook Group is for the sake of community, a place for additional tips and techniques and a meeting place for those who have done Broker Flow or is a contributor to its content. Guest coaches and consultants might be added but their participation is scrutinized by the host (Stef Shock) to discern if their content and/or service is of use to the group. They might solicit their service but if they do this too often, they will be removed from the group as this is not a space for anyone to solicit unless granted permission by the host. 

There is potential for referrals to happen here so if you have a client moving to a new state or across state, you can use this group as a search-point for an agent who can partner with you on the deal. This is between you and the agent you connect with. Stef has no relationship to deals  created through the group and is not considered responsible for the outcomes of those transactions.

In order to be entered into the Facebook group, you must complete the info below. This will take you to the group where you can request entry. 

Referrals w/ Stef: If you refer an agent to the course, Stef will pay a $200 referral fee to you. You must submit the name and info of the person you refer in order for this to be considered a legitimate referral before they enroll. Example, if someone joins the Facebook group and you recognize them, it is too late to speak with Stef regarding a referral fee. Stefani asks agents how they discovered Broker Flow before they enroll so this is addressed early. The fee is paid to you once they complete the seven week course.

Assignments: Throughout the course, assignments are included in order to facilitate the growth of your business. The assignments are an important part of whether you will get the results you came for. The course is designed to challenge your outlook on your business and the real estate industry so that you can approach the world with a different mindset. If you aren’t taking action on that perspective, your odds of success are limited.

Refund Policy:  The course is exactly as it is presented before you purchased it. All the info in the sales-pages cover exactly what is in this course so there should be no confusion regarding what you’ve purchased.

If you are unhappy with the first week/module of the course, you are eligible for a refund (minus the first payment). You must alert Stef to this before the first week is complete. Once the second module unlocks, you are considered fully committed to the course and a refund is only possible if you fully engage (your engagement is trackable within the system) in the course for the full seven weeks.

Results vary. Some agents have had remarkable results. Some agents choose not to do the action-steps and get minimal results. Similar to a gym membership, results are based on action but if you don't lose the weight, the gym doesn't refund the money. The course will shift your mindset but what you actually do with the information will define your outcome. Those who take action are seeing results and when you take action, there is no guaranty you will get results. You might experience results months after you finish the course while using the techniques and the tools you learn in the course.

Payment: You have the option to purchase the course all at once or in installments. If you are on a payment plan and discontinue payments, Stef will obtain a collection agency in order to collect the remaining balance.

Copyright and Trademark: I understand that all the content in this course are intellectual property of Stef Shock Coaching LLC. If I use the content as a means to coach others while charging a fee, I will be held liable for copyright infringement. There is content in the course Stef grants permission for students to learn (ie, newsletter subjects, templates and statements). However, using the content as a method to teach agents while collecting funds is illegal and Stef reserves the right to pursue legal action accordingly. The course title, Broker Flow, is trademarked and belongs to Stef Shock Coaching LLC. 

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